Primigi, a great step-by-step adventure!
27 Mar

Primigi, a great step-by-step adventure!

Flexibility, lightness, breath, durability, softness! These are the principles of the Primigi system, a unique and exclusive design, based on high technology standards for proper and healthy foot development.

   Day by day, your child is discovering the world by taking great strides! Special attention to the design of the sole on each pair of Primigi shoes makes them extremely flexible, with respect to the delicate foot anatomy and extremely comfortable.

   Growth is a hassle-free flight to new destinations! So it is very important for the feet to touch the ground slightly. Primigi shoes are made with selected materials so kids can move around with ease!

   The special insole with SKY EFFECT SYSTEM, made from top quality materials and lined with soft leather, ensures a comfortable feeling of physical contact with your child's foot. To explore the world, you must move freely and without restriction. Primigi shoes are spacious, carefully designed and measured to leave the right foot space so they can move safely and freely!

   Even after a busy day, your baby's shoes are like new. Whenever the removable inner bottom is needed, it can be washed and dried so that the shoes are always clean, ready to be worn again!

     Primigi shoes feature an anti-shock system, an air chamber inside the sole, at the heel point, which absorbs vibration, making every step of your child safer and more comfortable!

   If you look at the shape of your Primigi shoes, you will find that it is designed and developed to fit the shape of your child's foot. Each opening or clasp is designed to facilitate the entry and adjustment of the foot on the shoe.

   Brake pads, trusses and all metal elements are completely nickel free. Your child's legs can move freely without causing any unpleasant allergic reaction. In all Primigi shoes the leather linings are "chrome-free", meaning they are chrome-free. This ensures that the environment inside the shoe is even more natural and secure!

   Discover their great features and choose the right shoe for your child!

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